Users Storm WTVT's Hurricane Site


WTVT Tampa did some hefty Web numbers as Hurricane Fay approached last week. The Fox O&O had a combined 21 million page views between and its microsite between Saturday the 16th and Wednesday the 20th, as users clamored for info on the storm. 

MyFoxHurricane also had as many as 3,000 users at one time discussing the storm in its chat room, says Fox. Speaking of the chat room, here’s a little advice from RaysFan56 about what to do with your trampoline so it doesn’t end up flying around like that Fort Lauderdale kite surfer when the storm hits.

You definitely need to dismantle the trampoline. I also have one, and took mine apart yesterday and put it in my shed. You need to realize, all of that flat surface area will make that just one huge kite. There is absolutely no way to properly anchor it down to where it will stay put in hurricane force winds.

Fox Tampa now sets its sights (sites?) on Hurricane Gustav.