An Unquenchable Need To Communicate


Elementary education major Jennifer Berry, also known as Miss America 2006, could have used some of that educational acumen to quiet unruly boys and girls Monday night who didn't have their quiet manners with them.

It was the National Association of Broadcasters Education Foundation Service to America awards banquet and there was the usual din during the first three awards, served up during the main course as waiters waited and the boys and girls, men and women actually, started to eat and network with each other while the "where's President Clinton?" buzz buzzed on–he did not arrive until fairly late in the evening, though his speech was worth the wait in my humble opinion.

Attempts to "shush" the crowd–Deborah Norville tried, for instance–with, well, "shushes" and glass-clinking came and went without effect and were tried no more.

Perhaps it was the unquenchable urge to communicate welling in their collective breasts–can I say that on the Internet?–that kept those communicators talking through the litany of public services being kudoed. Yes, that must have been it. Never mind.

By John Eggerton