Unhitched: Fox


“Unhitched” expends a wrestler’s energy aiming to offend and provoke, but no amount of outrageousness can mask its conformity.

(Ginia Bellafante-NY Times)

In a broad conceptual sense, Unhitched seems like something the Farrellys burped up one day after lunch.

(Bill Harris-London Free Press)

Do not be fooled by cheap imitations. While Fox is pitching "Unhitched" (premiering Sunday) as the latest comedic effort from Bobby and Peter Farrelly, this mostly unfunny and frequently unwatchable sitcom has as much to do with "There’s Something About Mary" as Cameron Diaz’s unique hairstyle in that film had to do with actual hair gel.

(Misha Davenport-Chicago Sun-Times)

Between its sophomoric gags and singles-sitcom cliches, between all the drunken women and the devious prostitutes, "Unhitched" manages to come up with a handful of successful lines. And the Boston references to the Celtics, Avalon, and the Charles Hotel offer local viewers some small diversion. But the show doesn’t ever really develop a comic center, or a heart. It’s just a bunch of pointless monkey business.

(Matthew Gilbert-Boston Globe)

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"Unhitched" is not really a Farrelly brothers comedy, even if Fox is pitching it that way. Oh the Brothers Dumb are executive producers and they even directed the pilot. But ultimately the credit goes elsewhere (more on that later), while the whole issue of creative lineage only manages to get in the way of two very important elements: The show is much funnier than you might expect and Fox, finally, has found a sitcom that reflects the glory years of its brand.

(Tim Goodman-San Francisco Chronicle)

Fans of the Farrellys will probably enjoy parts of the premiere, as will fans of slightly raunchy, impolite humor.For those with less-hardy comedy constitutions who also like consistency, wait until next week — when the Farrellys get out of the way of their own show.

(Molly Willow-Columbus Dispatch)

If you don’t mind a knockoff of Seinfeld, Unhitched could be for you. In an era when most sitcoms don’t have any style, Unhitched doesn’t have that problem. It wallows in crudeness

(Hal Boedecker-Orlando Sentinel)

The most significant difference between "Unhitched" and those movies is that the TV show is free, which means you won’t have to regret later the expenditure of your hard-earned dough on another Farrelly brothers movie (OK, I admit it, I’m still irritated that I paid to see "There’s Something About Mary" 10 years ago).

(Adam Buckman-NY Post)