An Unexpected Plot Twist: Grey's Washington Enters Rehab


I definitely put my money on the writing staff of Grey's Anatomy quickly disposing of Isaiah Washington by having him botch a surgery spectacularly–blood, blood everywhere!– on account of his bad hand, and getting fired from Seattle Grace. I even went so far to picture Sandra Oh (aka Christina) looking out a misty window and placing one hand on the glass pane longingly. There was also, maybe, a melancholy soft rain splattering on the asphalt as Washington (cardboard box with potted plant hanging out the side in hand) made his way through the parking lot as a tune by an unknown artist that sounded a whole heckuvalot like Elliot Smith played  in the background in what I imagine would be an immensely successful attempt to further manipulate my fragile emotional state.

But fantasies–and run-on sentences–aside, I was surely surprised to hear that Isaiah entered "residential rehabilitation facility" this morning. I had no idea one could be rehabilitated from making homophobic remarks, but it's likely (ala Gibson and Lohan) another case of a star entering rehab to save their reputations and careers.

I wonder how this move (and the public statement he issued) will play with the execs at Disney. Was this was the agreement he struck to keep his job? Or does the actor really regret his remarks and want to make a change? Thoughts?

I am still leaving my chips, ultimately, on the bad hand.

By Caroline Palmer