TV Review: Warehouse 13


Syfy’s new Warehouse 13, starring Eddie McClintock debuts Tuesday at 9 p.m. EST. The following are assorted reviews from TV critics and bloggers around the Internet, compiled by B&C.

“None of it’s all that original…but as pastiche goes, it’s entertaining.”

-Alan Sepinwall, The Star Ledger (Newark, N.J.)

“The new drama promises some great special affects, and qualities of romance and good humor, aimed at reaching out to all audiences.”

-In Entertainment

“Put simply, Warehouse 13 is Bones meets The Librarian meets Eureka, which isn’t necessarily a bad combination at all, though the formula is more amusing than the two-hour pilot for the series.”

-Daniel Feinberg, HitFlix

“There are a number of draggy scenes where we learn the same piece of information two or three different ways, and there’s a lot of slightly repetitive character-building. But it’s mostly pretty entertaining and fun.”

-Charlie Jane Anders, Io9

“The cast is an interesting mix, but let’s hope the show stabilizes more towards bouncing its characters off each other and slightly less on the side of overly playing the mumbo jumbo.”

-Marc Eastman, Are You Screening?

“Though the debut is weak, it’s still possible the series will improve as the setup recedes and new post-pilot writers chime in (including Titus‘ Jack Kenny). More emphasis on character is needed, and less on silly props, including those Wild Wild West retro gizmos that any sane organization would have long since updated.”

-Robert Bianco, USA Today

“The pilot’s real scene stealers are: Artie Nielsen, the warehouse curator played by Saul Rubinek, a pudgy, spectacled character actor whose guest credits include Eureka and Stargate SG-1; CCH Pounder of The Shield, who plays a mysterious overseer called Mrs. Frederic; and the warehouse itself.”

-Kent Gibbons, Multichannel News

“A easy to take science-fiction adventure that invites good-natured comparisons to The X-Files.”

-Ed Martin, Huffington Post

“A pleasing blend of humor, drama, romance and science fiction, with some great gadgetry and special effects.”

-Joan Ostrow, The Denver Post

“The actors are engaging, making the best of the cliché they’re given to work with, appropriately chewing scenery and playing with wacky gadgets that don’t always work as advertised.”

-Tony Simmons, The News Herald (Panama City)

“Unfortunately, [McClintock and Kelly] lack chemistry and their cases lack imagination.”

-Walt Belcher, Tampa Tribune

“Stars Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly have wicked chemistry-and a refreshingly nonromantic relationship.”

-Drusilla Moorhouse , E! Online