TV Review: ReelzChannel's ‘The Kennedy's'


ReelzChannel debuts its miniseries The Kennedy’s on Sunday, April 3 at 8 p.m. The following are reviews from TV critics from around the web, compiled by B&C.

In each of the eight episodes Cassar and the screenwriters admirably rise to a tricky challenge - there’s a forward thrust to the evolving narrative of the Kennedys’ lives as the miniseries progresses, but also a (usually) deft use of altering chronological storytelling structure to keep each individual episode on thematic topic.” Scott Huver, NBC New York

“It is impossible to tell the story of this iconic family even in eight parts, even by limiting the timeline, as creators Stephen Kronish and Joel Surnow have done, to the years between the beginnings of World War II and the assassination of Robert Kennedy. There is too much back story, too many important events, and too many Kennedys.” Mary McNamara, Los Angeles Times

“Kennedys feels like a paint-by-numbers recitation of history and a not-very-sordid waste of artistic license.” Tim Goodman, The Hollywood Reporter

“As far as this particular telling of the story goes, you could get more controversy and upsetting imagery by simply Googling the Kennedys.” Hank Stuever, The Washington Post

“Half of Greg Kinnear’s performance as John and most of Katie Holmes’ as Jackie can be attributed to their looks. The two look like the real deal. They just don’t act like it.” Bruce R. Miller, Sioux City Journal