TV Review: Fox's 'Lone Star'


Fox’s drama Lone Star, about a Texas con man, premieres Monday, Sept. 20 at 9 p.m. The following are reviews from TV critics around the Web, compiled by B&C:

“…Wolk’s brilliantly ambiguous performance lends the show emotional weight, a sense of terror and melancholy buried behind his bright, dimpled smile. “ – Emily Nussbaum, New York magazine

“Good as Lone Star looks at first, there’s no way it holds up over the course of a 13-episode season, let alone the 5+ seasons that successful American shows are expected to run.” – Alan Sepinwall, HitFix

“In less capable hands, the series’ premise would be preposterous: a troubled con man who’s only fooling himself if he thinks can stay with two different women, both of whom he loves. And yet Wolk pulls off a tricky role with the help of some strong writing, providing some emotional grounding for this engimatic character.” – Andrew Wallenstein, The Hollywood Reporter

“[C]an viewers really root for a man who insists he is truly in love with two women–and will keep them both at any cost (to the women)? If anyone can sell the idea, it’s James Wolk, whose off-the-charts charisma and swoon-worthy smile leads you to believe he truly wants to do the right thing…Even if he’s forcing the women he “loves” to live a lie.” – Drusilla Moorhouse, E! Online

“There’s no denying the quality of the pilot, but with a show that paints its protagonist into so many corners — he has a wife in Houston and a girlfriend in Midland — viewers are left to wonder how the Lone Star writers can keep the show’s house of cards from tumbling down.” – Rob Owen, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette