TV Review: Fox's 'Almost Human'


Fox premieres Almost Human, set in futuristic Los Angeles, on Sunday, Nov. 17, 8 p.m. ET. The following are reviews from TV critics around the web, compiled by B&C.

“The year is 2048 (one can only imagine how many Bushes and Clintons have been president in the intervening decades), but this is less Blade Runner than Alien Nation, or perhaps Law & Order: Cyborg Cop Unit — using the futuristic backdrop strictly as a means of creating a different venue for a mismatched cop show.”
—Brian Lowry, Variety

“What makes Almost Human work is that it’s clear that Wyman, schooled in the J.J. Abrams worldview, has a real sense of a mythological backstory to Kennex and the wider world. But the series also operates as a weekly procedural, which shouldn’t put up resistance to people who fear committing to an ongoing serialized story.”
—Tim Goodman,The Hollywood Reporter

“Generic cop heroes aren’t always a problem if the show around them boasts other interesting characters or an intriguing premise. Almost Human has both, but, sadly, everything else in the show’s universe takes more after the Urban side of things than the Ealy.”
—Todd VanDerWerff, The A.V. Club

“If you can look past a few disquieting flaws and get past that odd feeling that you’ve seen it all before, you’ll find the bones of a potentially entertaining series in Almost Human, which has a special airing Sunday before moving to its regular slot on Monday.”
—Robert Bianco, USA Today

“But you may also start to wonder when the homage ends, and the original vision kicks in. That’s not exactly clear Sunday night. Instead, Human relies on the usual tricks to get the hook in: Some nice special effects, cartoon violence and Minka Kelly.”
—Verne Gay, Newsday