TV Review: CBS' 'The Crazy Ones'


CBS premieres The Crazy Ones, a single-camera comedy starring Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar as a father-daughter ad agency duo, on Thursday at 9/8 c. Below are reviews from TV critics around the Web, compiled by B&C.

“While Williams certainly qualifies as a likely CBS star — and yes, that is a genuine commodity, connoting actors of a particular age and profile — the single-camera format has relatively little purchase on a network so heavily steeped in Chuck Lorre’s multicamera fare.”

–Brian Lowry,Variety

“Above all, The Crazy Ones is safe. Safe safe safe safe safe. And that’s an odd feeling to get from a show whose characters do so much talking about taking a flying leap without knowing where they’ll land. ”

–Erik Adams, The A.V. Club

“Unfortunately, along the way there’s not much to like or laugh about. Once again, a CBS comedy has taken a stellar cast (that includes Hamish Linklater, James Wolk and Amanda Setton), and manages to find the least interesting way to use them. Maybe future episodes will make everybody gel, since CBS has the Midas touch even when it’s touching a load of crap.”

–Tim Goodman,The Hollywood Reporter

“Initially, at least, Crazy is less a comedy than a half-hour version of one of Kelley’s dramas, which makes it both an oddity and an odd fit for CBS’ Thursday lineup.”

–Robert Bianco, USA Today

“The workplace element and humor mixed with drama feels in line with what we’ve seen from Kelley in the past with shows like Ally McBeal, Boston Legal and some of his other hour-longs, except the ratio of humor to drama is a bit more skewed in favor of the former, and we’re dealing with a half-hour format.”

–Kelly West, Cinema Blend