Tupelo Meteorologist With Tornado Approaching: "Basement NOW!"

Laubhan instructs colleagues to seek safer spot as lethal tornado approaches

Matt Laubhan, chief meteorologist at WTVA in Tupelo, is a viral video star a day after the region was hit hard by tornadoes.

As the severe weather approached the station, an anxious Laubhan kept viewers informed. "This could be deadly," he said.

Seconds later, he instructed his WTVA colleagues to seek a safer place. "Basement now!" Laubhan yelled. "Let's go...now!"

(Laubhan speaks with B&C about his unexpected turn as a viral video star here.)

GulfLive.com has the video, and a separate video featuring storm coverage.

WTVA is the NBC affiliate in DMA No. 133 and, by BIA/Kelsey's revenue tally, the market leader.

At least 30 have been killed as a result of the tornadoes, reports WTVA.com.

Laubhan's clip is a top story on The Weather Channel site, and can be found on the WPIX New York site, that of the Daily Mirror (U.K.), Buzzfeed, and many, many others.

The switchboard phone is not ringing at WTVA.