But Today I Am Still Just a Bill


ABC's wonderful interstitials of yesteryear got a shout-out on the Senate floor Monday when Lindsay Graham, a Republican Senator pushing the Bush variant on immigration reform (sorry, Lou Dobbs), used a graphic from arguably the most memorable installment of Schoolhouse Rock.

For those of younger vintage, they were 1970's animated musical short-courses, on politcal science in this case, whose catchy songs stuck to the brain like gum on the bottom of a penny loafer and could not be dislodged.

Graham cited the one about the journey of a bill to a law. "How I hope and I pray that I will, but today I am still just a bill." I was just singing that line as I typed it up. I can also sing the preamble to the Constitution thanks to ABC if anybody wants to call me up and test me (202)-659-3852.

Those short-attention-span classes were a great idea and worthy of revival in this era of Flintstones as educational. They were hip then and they would still be hip.

How about it ABC? Or are you already doing it and I am too busy doing adult stuff to have noticed.

If not, how I hope and I pray that you will.

By John Eggerton.