A Toast To the DTV Transition

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Could Florida Republican Cliff Stearns be the DTV transition’s answer to Mark Fowler. No, not the next deregulatory FCC chairman, but an inheritor of the may-come-back-to-bite you metaphor mantle.

At a House Telecommunications & Internet Subcommittee hearing Wednesday, Stearns said that connecting a DTV-to-analog converter box to your TV was easy, kind of like hooking the box up to a toaster.

The comment immediately brought back memories of Fowler’s mid-1980’s characterization of TV as just another appliance, no more speical than a toaster with pictures.

The evocation of Fowler was not lost on Subcommittee Chairman Ed Markey, who recalled the Fowler comment , adding that he wasn’t sure who was going to be "toast" if the DTV transition didn’t go well.