Tiger’s Return = Wasted Opportunity


I like golf.  Well, playing it pisses me right off lately, but I love to watch people play who actually know how to do so.

Pro golf got its savior back today in Eldrick Woods and everyone in the golf and sports world knew it.  Here he comes to rescue the sport once again, from ratings to attendance to everything else.

His first round in his first event back teed off during the work day, and like many Americans, I don’t have the Golf Channel in my office. So I turned to the same place you turn during the first rounds of March Madness or any other weekday, mid-day sporting event these days: the Internet.

But guess what?  No streaming coverage.

I’m not blaming anyone and I don’t care about whose fault it is.  I just have a hard time believing some deal couldn’t have been made, a quick sponsorship thrown together, and Tiger’s round streamed live for all the fans anxious to watch him come back off a long lay off and demonstrate he is some sort of a robot, or God, or whatever makes him hit a (expletive deleted) golf ball like that..

Much like most of my tee shots, that’s a big shank.