That's the Way It Is


Senator Joe Biden's first day as a presidential campaign drove home the point that it is brand new political ballgame.

Less than 24 hours into it, he was forced to make the Daily Show  pilgrimage to try and extricate himself from some major foot-in-mouth disease.

Having made some questionable comments about Barack Obama that sounded racist to many people, having had his YouTube moment recycled–the one in which he said that you had to have an Indian accent to walk into a 7-11–he was forced to go to confession at the Church of Comedy Central, Father Jon Stewart presiding.

The campaign is shaping up to be one driven, as always, by big-money TV ads on the one hand, the power of YouTube on the other, and the Daily Show on the third hand (third hand?).

Anyway, a Democratic strategist was opining yesterday of that media power to shape the campaign–and help launch it a year early to boot. Opine away, but that's the way it is, as Walter Cronkite might say, But I think it could be a beneficial balance of power, like the federal government's three branches, the campaigning legislative, the YouTube adminisration, and Judge Stewart, or something like that.

We'll see.

By John Eggerton