TCA: Syfy: Imagine Fewer Rubber-Faced English-Speaking Aliens


TCA: Complete Coverage of the TV Critics Press Tour  

Syfy President David Howe wasted no time addressing the network’s recent rebranding (July 7) from SciFi to Syfy at the Television Critics Association summer press tour Aug. 5 in Pasadena, Calif.

So, what exactly is in a name?

Howe explained that not only is the new Syfy branding future-proof and trademarkable, but it apparently helps facilitate even more “imagination”.

“We took our new tagline Imagine Greater and brought to life a big and bold vision,” he said. “We launched a brand entity that opens us up to a broader range of imagination-based entertainment…Our future growth will be driven by high quality, imaginative shows. ”

One of the network’s upcoming series that will attempt to reach new heights in imagination is the newest Stargate incarnation Stargate Universe.

Here’s a few highlights from creators Robert Cooper and Brad Wright from the TCA panel.

On learning from different TV shows

Cooper: “I think we learned a lot from a number of television shows. We were huge fans of Firefly, which set the bar for modern day science fiction. Big fan of The Shield and Friday Night Lights and their shooting styles and the way they use characters.”

On reaching new audiences

Cooper: “We really wanted to make a show that is broader and more accessible to audiences. We felt we told a lot of Stargate stories and we have to come up with a way to make it fresh. The best way to do that is to tell stories through new character’s eyes.

The great thing about Stargate is that it takes place now. It takes place on Earth. By focusing a little less on the sci fi aspect and more on the characters, we can have audiences that wouldn’t have embraced it, [embrace it.]”

On how this Stargate is different

Wright: “We wanted to step away from rubber-faced English speaking aliens…There’s an ensemble of people that are both hero and villain.”