TCA-Sci Fi's Superheroes


So Sci Fi has brought out the absurdly clad cast of its upcoming reality series Who Wants To Be a Superhero, hosted/executive-produced by Stan Lee. Lee and his team say they auditioned "more than 100" wannabe superheroes for the show and we’re seeing the best of them.

We’ve got "Nitro G," who’s all in green spandex, Fat Momma (pink and black spandex), Monkey Woman (some kind of khaki bikini top with knee high yellow leather boots), Major Victory (red spandex) and Lemuria (gold spandex with black patent leather). The cast says they’re wearing the "recreation" of original costumes they made themselves. Sci Fi’s also swapped out the suit-wearing NBC pages who normally run around the room with microphones for question-askers with more superheros, most of whom are literally half naked. Where on earth do they outsource these people from?

By Anne Becker