TCA: Jimmy Kimmel, Don Mischer Preview Emmys Telecast


Los Angeles — On Sept 23, Don Mischer will produce his 12th Primetime Emmy Awards telecast, and he plans to keep this year’s ceremony moving in order to get through the 26 categories it has to present in three hours.

“We want to keep the show really paced quickly,” he said. “Keep it funny.”

Mischer plans to stick with the format introduced in 2009 of breaking up the broadcast by genres — comedy, drama, reality, variety and miniseries/movies – which will allow the inclusion of material not nominated when introducing each category.

He also wants to incorporate those individuals not nominated into the ceremony as presenters, saying he would like 85% of chosen celebrity presenters to be outside of the night’s nominees “so we get the feeling on Emmy night that its not just the nominees who come.” He said a special tribute to Andy Griffith during the “In Memorium” segment is being considered, time permitting.

First-time Emmys host Jimmy Kimmel said that while he expects the celebrities he’s met though doing his show Jimmy Kimmel Live will make it easier to make un of them on Emmy night, he doesn’t expect to be replicating his talk show in the telecast.

“I operate under the presumption that no one has ever seen my show,” he said. “I understand that I’m there hosting the Emmys and its snot some extension or expansion of my show.”

And Kimmel doesn’t intend to just introduce the show and then hang in the wings for 45 minutes, as some hosts have done in the past.

“I’d like to be a part of the show throughout,” he said. “Hopefully I’ll be able to insert myself in the entirety of the broadcast.”

As for what kind of hijinks he has planned for the night, Kimmel was mostly mum, declining to say whether he would spoof the nominated TV series as he did with the Oscars this year, saying only that “we have something special planned.” As for if his “pal” Matt Damon would be making a guest appearance? Not if Kimmel has anything to say about it.

“So far we have no plans to incorporate Matt into any part of my life,” the host joked.