TCA-How Quickly They Turn


Don’t think that television critics reserve their scorn for the industry that they simultaneously love and detest.

On Saturday, during CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler’s portion of the summer press tour in sweltering Pasadena, it took only a moment for the cascade of sarcastic comments to follow one apologetic scribe’s misguided question on behalf of readers about Tassler's perspective—almost two years later—on the cancellation of Joan of Arcadia.

“You’re kidding, right?” Tassler asked in amazement. Nope.

Shifting to polite television speak, Tassler said, “It was a wonderful show and it’s nice that it’s held in such high regard.”

Soon others were piping in: “What’s going on with the Beverly Hillbillies? Just kidding.”

Another asked about last season’s quickly canceled, Love Monkey.