TCA-Got Tiger's Milk?


Kudos to Turner for decent food at their panel. In addition to the potato chips, crackers and soda the other networks have laid out, Turner’s got tea sandwiches, croissants and–much to my delight–Tiger’s Milk protein bars. Rock on, “health” food.

They also get a shout-out for appealing to “industry insiders.” Cartoon began its presentation with a cartoon segment in which Blue, a character from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends, called Variety’s Denise Martin and Hollywood Reporter’s Andy Wallenstein to pitch them stories…only to be told that he was actually supposed to be thanking TV critics for their interest in the show. Yeah, screw those unimportant TV trade writers!

Court TV’s up now and newly anointed COO Art Bell started his remarks by thanking new parent company Time Warner for welcoming Court into the family.