TCA-Goodbye L.A.


Aaand, we’re out. Or I am at least. Having just gotten back from Showtime’s cable closing party, my work here’s done. I’m back to a city where my gym, manicure place and favorite sushi restaurant all stay open until at least 11 p.m. and where I’m greeted by the friendly guy from my corner deli – and not disgruntled TV critics – when I leave my door in the morning.

Showtime, by the way? Big ups for having their party somewhere other than this hotel…granted it was at a house across the street, but still! And also, props to the catered dinner – the berry bar for dessert was like an oasis in a desert to those of us who’ve been stuck Ritz’s stock party menu for a week. Maybe it’s all that help the Showtime boys say they’ve been getting from CBS lately (see…CBS, who’s presenting first for broadcast, dispatched a gaggle of their flacks and a few executives to Showtime’s soiree to toot the corporate horn I guess, but the posse left together on the early side.

On that broadcast-themed note, keep reading BCBeat for more TCA coverage from my able LA-based counterparts, Jim Benson and Ben Grossman who will be blogging from the broadcast presentations.

By Anne Becker