TCA-Anne Heche Is Crazy Funny


See, now how I can make fun of how Anne Heche used to have a tall cup of the crazies when she makes fun of it herself much better than I ever could?

When asking if she had turned a corner in the koo-koo department, as one writer struggled with the way to ask if she was feeling a little more…um…Heche jumped in with a crazy look in her face and jokingly barked, “Sane?”  Then she answered the question by beginning with the line, “I’ll let myself speak for myself…”  Nice.

But the clear highlight of the panel discussion:  The same lady who asked the “readers digest version of your character” question to the panel this morning just asked Anne Heche the same thing!  I honestly thought three reporters around me were going to jump her and pound her like those female Muy Thai boxers from the upcoming Oxygen movie.

Here’s when you know a show is probably going to suck: when half the questions at press tour from the media are about animals in the show, like a damned raccoon, as well as beauties like whether bear spray is a real thing.  Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Men In Trees.

To quote another famous animal: Ruh-roh.

By Ben Grossman