TCA: Aisha Tyler Mum on Disney Talk Show...for Fear of FX’s ‘Satans and Motorcyles’


Aisha Tyler is “relatively sworn to secrecy” about the ABC Media Productions talk show project she is developing, she said in response to a critic’s question during the panel at the Television Critics Association press tour Aug. 7 for upcoming FX animated comedy Archer, in which she voices the sexy love-interest Lana Kane. (Click here for complete TCA coverage.)

Tyler said, “we are shooting in a few weeks,” but when a critic pressed her further to reveal when and where the show might air, she said “already you strayed into assassination territory.”

Considering that she was appearing to promote the FX show, which she calls “radical” in how far animation allows for the scripted medium to be pushed, she practically begged the critics to stop asking her about the Disney project–for her own safety.

The panel for Archer followed an executive Q&A session with John Landgraf, president and GM of FX Networks, in which the network topper addressed the violence in FX programming. Landgraf noted that part of the appeal of Sons of Anarchy in particular is a sense of “tourism” for viewers, who would never otherwise have a view into such a truly violent world. Tyler riffed on that.

“FX is back there and the people from Satans and Motorcycles or whatever are going to hit me in my head,” she said. “The Devils of Motorbikes. They’re going to kill me.”