TCA -- ABC Takes The Stage


Welcome to ABC’s opening day of press tour, also known as “Groundhog Day.”As you may know, not one show this network launched last fall is still around, thus ABC has to roll out another 10 new shows.

To be fair, ABC Entertainment chief Steve McPherson had no clue Rod Lurie would treat deadlines like I did in college (bye-bye Commander in Chief), or that a real-life disaster would ruin the marketing of hurricane-centric Invasion, a great show that never found an audience.But alas, here we are again.

Early highlights of Tuesday so far:

  • We learned that McPherson and his Fox counterpart Peter Liguori ended up on a bike ride together over the weekend.Hey, with Lance Armstrong retired, finally a bike race people actually care about this summer.Bummer though, no elbows were thrown.
  • Speaking of, these network presidents are too nice to each other. I miss the old days.I hear more trash talking when the two Irish nuns who live next door to me play dominos.
  • First Oy Vey moment of the day – during a session about the ABC show Six Degrees, which is about the whole six degrees of separation idea, one writer went after the lowest-hanging fruit in the history of low-hanging fruit by asking, “How come Kevin Bacon isn’t in this show?”
  • Second Oy Vey moment – some people actually laughed.
  • You should see these two executive producers from Six Degrees.They aren’t related, but they have the same curly hair, same black glasses, and same five o’clock shadow that they clearly have needed 9 days to grow.They look like the Jewish version of the Italian brothers, Vito and Pino, from the old Spike Lee movie, Do The Right Thing.

– By Ben Grossman