Talent Located


Clog dancers, what looked to be Las Vegas' idea of an angel balancing a sword on knifepoint, and a beefy guy balancing what appeared to be a dishwasher.

That was the sideshow of America's Got Talent on NBC Wedneday night, a show that has been growing on me as a goofy novelty.

That is until Bianca Ryan, age 11, came out and sang "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going." Maybe not, but she is sure going places with that voice.  "She's better than anybody on American Idol this year," said my daughter. It wasn't even close. A Ford ad with the grey-haired guy whose name I have already forgotten aired somewhere last night, putting an exclamation point on that statement. It wasn't even close!

Bryan appeared to be channeling Billie Holiday and KD Lang–who herself channels Patsy Cline–with some Whitney Houston thrown in.

The judges, the audience, and I were blown away, and I am not even that fond of little children trying to belt songs like adults.

I had been treating the program as The Gong Show with production values, but it is now suddenly something more, and should make a star out of this kid.

Check out the clip at http://www.nbc.com/Americas_Got_Talent/recap/index.shtml#main

By John Eggerton