Superbowl viewers get their heads tested


Advertisers: Want to know how your Super Bowl spots really fared? Forget USA Today’s AdMeter, Innerscope Research will literally help you see inside viewers’ heads. The firm, founded by scientists, performed biometric testing of the Super Bowl commercials to see how they connect with our emotional consciousness. To put it simply, what we really like [and might buy] versus what we say we like.

Measuring factors such as; heart rate, breathing, skin sweat and motion to determine the effectiveness of commercials, Innerscope identified the top performers thus:

1. - “It’s Time,”

2. Cash4Gold - “Here’s Money.”

3. Castrol Oil - “Monkey

4. - “Shower.”

5. Bud Light - “Meeting.”

“Since emotions are the primary driver of behavior, this scientific approach is critical for advertisers seeking to know whether ads delivered for their brands,” reads Innerscope’s scary press release. The implications of the study seem like a script straight out of the next ad for “Once your brain’s reduced to a cottage cheese-like mush, we’re going to scoop them out with a melon ball and gobble them right up.”