'Super PAC's Should Supersize Political Spending


Interesting piece in the Washington Post about “candidate super PACs,” which WAPO says are “de facto subsidiaries of the traditional presidential campaigns.”

These uber-PACs have taken off since the famous Citizens United Supreme Court case in 2010, which essentially opened the taps on political spending.

Reports Dan Eggen:

Super PACs are technically independent of candidates and parties, and are supposed to abide by Federal Election Commission rules prohibiting coordination with campaigns.

But many campaign-finance experts complain that the line is fast blurring into a distinction without a difference, in part because the FEC itself has loosened its regulations to allow much closer ties between campaigns and outside groups.

Several major candidates for the 2012 presidency, including Romney, Bachmann, Perry and President Obama, have one or more super PACs set up to fund their 2012 presidential bid. Stations in Iowa and New Hampshire should feel their impact early in election season, which means early in 2012–if not sooner.