'Studio B' F-Bombed by YouTube


It’s a good thing cable isn’t under the watchful eye of the FCC — yet.

The f-word went inadvertently un-bleeped Friday afternoon on News Corp.-owned Fox News.

The offending utterance could be heard on Studio B with Shepard Smith during a video of one of YouTube star Chris Crocker’s tearful “Save Britney” rants.

Smith immediately apologized for the oversight, saying, “That will not happen again.”

He was holding court with winners of YouTube’s 2007 Video Awards.

He apologized a second time after a commercial break.

“Again, we apologize for the potty mouth. It won’t happen again.”

And he signed off with an assurance to viewers: “[Neil] Cavuto’s up next. There’ll be no cursing.”

Under the Bush administration, the FCC has taken policing the airwaves very seriously.  

This week FCC chairman Kevin Martin was crowing over what he obviously perceives as his latest victory: the Supreme Court’s decision to hear arguments about whether the FCC should be allowed to fine or revoke a broadcaster’s license for so-called “fleeting profanities.”

News Corp. lawyers will be arguing the fleeting profanity case before the Supreme Court for language used by Cher and Nicole Richie during separate broadcasts of the Billboard Music Awards.