‘Studio 60’: Matt & Danny Trumps Matt & Harriet


Studio 60 remains compelling, but not enough to get me excited about last night's episode, the second part of a two-parter. I'd been hoping, week after week, for more background into the characters other than Matt and Harriet. But here we are, after our third episode focusing on the rest, and all I want is more Matt and Harriet.

Can't please everyone, clearly, but there was just something about the way their relationship dynamic in previous episodes drew me in that I want to see more of. I truly didn't want to bring up how they’re supposedly the on-screen representation of writer Aaron Sorkin's last big Hollywood romance, but I feel I've been left with no other choice.

That relationship, especially before it reached its cutesy ‘maybe they'll get back together/maybe they won't’ semi-functional stage, was captivating. The writing and the acting in those scenes was fantastic. Was it the angst? The constant, frustrating

miscommunication between the pair that just made good television? Was it that Matt isn't nearly as entertaining when he's talking to Harriet as he was when he was talking to Danny about Harriet?

The golden couple on this show is, in fact, Danny and Matt. The Matt and Harriet relationship was better in the abstract. With Danny off in Nevada for two episodes, the patter didn't sparkle. I'm looking forward to next week, when Danny and Matt are reunited for an entire episode. Maybe Matt can accidentally insult Harriet in the press, and they won't talk for a couple of weeks. They're the anti-Ross and Rachel.

By Guest Blogger Liz McKeon