Studio 60--The End is Near?


Several reports out this morning claim that NBC is thisclose to pulling the plug on critical darling turned ratings disaster turned insert -Aaron-Sorkin-can’t-write -sketch-comedy-to-save-his-life- riff here, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. The cast members are already telling friends and cleaning out their lockers.  This news isn’t exactly out of nowhere—our scorecard this week discusses the shows slow, but seemingly unavoidable demise–but what was more surprising was the news just last week that three more episodes had been ordered on Friday.  I repeat: On Friday. That kind of public stand by your man usually means the network is going to grin and bear it for at least a few more weeks while they continue to monitor the pulse of what seemed to be a near-dead audience. It makes one wonder what happened over the weekend?   NBC has not yet confirmed the cancellation….

By Caroline Palmer