Storm Hits Hartford Over WX Guy Fox's Departure


Wouldn’t you know it–I have a market profile coming out Monday (1/10) on Hartford-New Haven, and there’s a giant storm brewing in the market over the dismissal of popular weather guy–apparently really popular weather guy–Geoff Fox from WTNH.

Fox has a lively blog, My Permanent Record, and that’s become a meeting place Fox’s fans–and he has quite a few. 

He posted this yesterday:

So, how was your day at work? Probably better than mine. After 26 years at 8 Elm Street I’m not being invited back at the end of my current contract. I got the word at 4:00 PM Wednesday. I’m done at the end of February.

Since then, some 220 people, as of 3 p.m. Friday, have responded, nearly all expressing their sympathy for the popular weatherman.

Here’s one from “Richard of West Hartford”:
It’s incredible that WTNH would let you go. You have been a breath of fresh air with your weather forecasts over the years and have been the prime reason why I watched WTNH-TV. Connecticut needs you and I hope you stay in the area. God speed.

Meanwhile, over on Facebook, “Keep Geoff Fox on Channel 8″ has close to 4,000 supporters; perhaps they can merge with the 24 hardy souls over at “Bring Geoff Fox Back to Channel 8.”

Twitter is, of course, abuzz with Fox-related tweets as well.

Sounds like nothing short of a storm in DMA No. 30.