Sticks and Stones


NBC's Studio 60 was all about FCC-unfriendly words Monday night, in this case blasphemy and a sketch on the SNL-like show within a show about Jesus as the new head of standards and practices arguing that he had no problem with having his name taken in vain.

Monday was also the deadline for the FCC to tell a federal court whether it was sticking with four decisions that certain words creeping into TV's vocabulary, some accidently, were taboo.*

Coincidence. I don't think so. On Friday, NBC U Chairman Bob Wright lit into the FCC for its crackdown on content and the ludicrousness of that double standard when the cable channel next door or Web site in the next room has free rein to appeal to its audience.

*Turns out the FCC did as predicted, which was to uphold the expletives on Fox's Billboard awards as profane and indecent, while reversing itself on earlier decisions finding NYPD Blue and The Early Show were.

By John Eggerton