Standoff: Fox

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“The series’ unique angle lends itself to interesting psychological drama as it explores the how’s and whys of hostage negotiation - even as it dishes out a heavy helping of FOX’s de rigueur hoppin’ hormones.” (Christian Science Moniter)“Can we negotiate for a better premise if we release some hostages?” (San Francisco Chronicle) “The main thing in its favor is the chemical tension between its stars. That may not be enough, but it’s something.” (Wall Street Journal)“It’s hard to say what seems sillier: the show’s misplaced attempts at comedy or the intuitive leaps that allow the agents to solve the case.” (USA Today)“"Standoff" does seem to emerge miraculously out of the fumes of ’70s TV - a near-perfect reformulation of every bone-weary cliche, every hackneyed piece of cop chatter (Dan Tanna lives!) that last-century TV glorified in.” (Newsday)“There’s potentially a good show here; the pilot’s just a miss.” (Newark Star-Ledger) “These actors more than deserve a series of their own. They deserve a good one, and "Standoff" isn’t it.” (New York Daily News)

“If Matt and Emily blow up, the show doesn’t get a second episode. Because they’ll be dead. Keep your fingers crossed.” (Chicago Sun-Times)“The series premiere suffers from a catalog of problems longer than most demand lists.” (Hollywood Reporter)“An awkward pairing of adult relationship drama and procedural cop show, "Standoff" bombs on both counts.” (Variety)“It’s hard to imagine a civilized audience of any significant size wanting to sit through these trumped-up conflicts and lazy-daisy crises week after week.” (Washington Post)

Fox, Tuesday at 9:00 PM

Compiled by Bryon Rudd