‘Sopranos’ On (and Off) Broadway


If you just can’t wait for the season premiere of The Sopranos on HBO next month, you have some dramatic options in New York to help with your jones. You can either check out the Garden State mobster-palooza “Jersey Boys” on Broadway, as a certain B&C staffer did last night (dude, stop singing “Oh What a Night,” will ya?), or you can see the stage production of “Chicken”, starring Sopranos stars Michael Imperioli (“Christopher”) and Sharon Angela (“Rosalie Aprile”).

The latter is at Imperioli’s theater in the Chelsea neighborhood. It’s called Studio Dante, which may or may not be named for fellow Sopranos made man Silvio Dante.

The New York Times reviews the show, and has a nice picture of Imperioli, Angela and a chicken.

By Michael Malone