So You Want to Work in the Media Biz, pt. 2


Earlier this week, I posted a blog on how best to prepare yourself for the new world of journalism. The tips included there encouraged would-be digital journalists to make themselves into multimedia producers, able to offer text, photos and video with every story, as well as the ability to put those stories on the Web.

That’s the same lesson recent graduates of Columbia’s J-School - arguably the country’s best- also have learned, according to Michael Ventura in the Village Voice.

These fresh-faced journos are ready to go out and set the world on fire with their new skills, Ventura reports. These students’ optimism about journalism flies in the face of today’s conventional and downtrodden wisdom about the trade. As Malia Politzer tells Ventura: “If you look at it differently, it’s an exciting time in journalism. People are trying to come up with solutions to find out what the future is going to be.”

Miss Politzer - and that almost spells Pulitzer -is my kind of crazy: I’m optimistic,” she says. “I might be crazy, but I’m optimistic.”