SLC Newspaper Moving In With KSL


The Salt Lake City paper Deseret News is moving in with corporate sibling KSL this fall “to promote greater synergy in coverage and operations,” reports Editor and Publisher. The move follows major layoffs at the newspaper, which cut 43% of its workforce, according to E&P.

Both the paper and station are owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Several companies have merged TV and newspaper operations, such as the Tribune setups in Ft. Lauderdale and Hartford and Media General’s joint newsroom in Tampa.

KSL, a top NBC affiliate, went through another upheaval in April when Deseret Management Corp President/CEO Mark Willes was named CEO of the KSL Broadcast Group, with Bob Johnson moving over to the corporation’s benefits administration wing.

The latest move “will create the largest news reporter staff in Utah,” according to Deseret News, and “gives the Deseret News more reporters on the ground covering more stories than any other local news source.”