Singing 'Soprano' on NY1


A familiar voice will ring out when cable channel NY1 News unveils the music video “15 Years—We’re New York One” this week. None other than Dominic Chianese—known the world over as batty Uncle Junior on The Sopranos—lends his pipes to the tune.

Chianese, who describes himself as a high baritone (what, not a soprano?), notes, “I’ve been singing for 50 years! I was a singer before I was an actor,” with a credits list that includes Oliver on Broadway, folk in Dylan-era Greenwich Village, country at the Grand Ole Opry, and Italian favorites at countless Gotham boites.

Performers represent each of New York’s five boroughs in the NY1 anniversary tune, with Chianese singing for the Bronx. His involvement was hatched when he conducted a Sopranos-related interview for the station. That his daughter, Sarah, is managing the publicity for NY1’s anniversary specials didn’t hurt matters.

Sarah says showbiz runs in the family: Her actor brother Dominic also appeared on The Sopranos. “My family has enough men onstage,” she says. “I’d rather be behind the scenes.”

Dominic Sr. shot his part of the video at what might have given him an Uncle Junior flashback: the Bronx County Courthouse. But unlike the Sopranos’ season-three finale, no one pelts him with dinner rolls during the performance.