Sinclair, Insight Rattle Retrans Sabres


A potential retrans stalemate between Insight Communications and Sinclair Broadcast for 12/31 is heating up, as Sinclair has released a statement drawing the detente to viewers’ attention.

“Based on the current status of negotiations,” says Sinclair on the WDKY Lexington home page, “we do not believe they will be carrying this station after that date.”

Sinclair says, “we do not think it is appropriate to negotiate matters such as this in public,” though one might view posting a statement about a potential retrans shutdown that’s five weeks off as doing just that, and adds that “we do not believe a new contract will be entered into.”

The Lexington Herald-Leader weighed in over the weekend:
This week, WDKY began airing crawls on its broadcasts alerting viewers to the situation and encouraging them to consider other viewing options such as satellite companies.

Insight, meanwhile, has publicly stated it would like to keep WDKY on its lineup until a decision is reached, to avoid interruption for customers.

“We don’t believe it’s in anybody’s best interest to have customers be in the middle of a business dispute,” Insight spokesman Jason Keller said. “We work out hundreds of these agreements every year without them becoming public spectacles.”

WDKY notes that it will still be viewed on DirecTV, DISH Network, Time Warner Cable and WOW!, “and we encourage our loyal viewers to make alternative arrangements to ensure their uninterrupted ability to watch our great programming after the end of the year.”