Show Them the Money


The talk among some in the noncommercial TV set Monday was that there might not be the need to take to the airwaves to rebut the cuts being proposed again in their budgets by the Republican Congress.

Last week there was much lamentation over the $100 million-plus cuts, including the zeroing out of money for Ready to Learn and Ready to Teach.

But a Ready To Rumble plan, including Capitol Hill appearances by sad looking children holding signs and accompanied by large costumed characters, as happened last year at just about this time, may not be needed.

Some in the noncom community were predicting the funds could be restored as early as today (Tuesday).

Also Tuesday, look for some big announcement on a staff change at PBS

And one more also while we are "also-ing": Keep an eye out for an Inspector General's report on the changes CPB has made to address the IG's original criticisms of its board and hiring policies.

CPB recently took a number of steps to improve transparency in its hiring and awarding of contracts, the fall-out from the tenure of former CPB Board Chairman Ken Tomlinson.

By John Eggerton