Shooting a Shooting


Is Timothy Busfield mad at us?

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Some well-placed sources (OK, my in-laws) breathlessly reported witnessing Without a Trace being shot on the very doorstep of the hallowed home of Broadcasting & Cable over the weekend; coming out of the Hotel Giraffe, they even saw fake spent bullets being applied to the façade of our building.

A spokesperson for the CBS missing persons drama confirms that, indeed, Hank Steinberg and the gang were shooting the season finale here on Park Avenue South in New York. Airing May 18, the episode features Jason Priestley as a suspect who steals Special Agent Jack Malone’s firearm, then presumably does bad things with it.

Which got me wondering. Was Trace co-exec producer Timothy Busfield getting us back for the profile we did of him?
Should we not have mentioned that he played Arnold Poindexter in Revenge of the Nerds (Hey, at least we didn’t mention him being in Revenge of the Nerds 2: Nerds in Paradise)? Was it he who proposed the idea of shooting up the B&C headquarters?
Hey Poindexter—we’re not intimidated by a few fake bullets.

By Michael Malone