Sex and the City Writer Goes POP!


In a demographic departure, TV writer Aury Wallington has written bubble-gum meets the boudoir in a young adult novel aptly- titled POP! Wallington, whose previous writing credits include Sex and the City, Veronica Mars and Courting Alex, sets her novel around  three teenagers in the affluent suburbs of New York. The premise is age-old, but the execution feels updated–and intimate.  Wallington, who has an ear for dialogue and a penchant for pop-culture references (think Gang of Four, Pretty in Pink and Prada) deftly navigates the hallways of Sterling Prep by following her main character Marit around as she tries to figure how to lose her virginity and score a boyfriend.  The lucky guy is her best guy friend Jaime, but the entire experiment backfires on her in spectacular fashion. For younger readers, Wallington's TV influences are clear–certain passages of more Samantha Jones than Carrie Bradshaw–and the novel comes out this month from Penguin. 

Update from Book Standard Via Mediabistro–Borders Won't Sell POP!, but Barnes and Noble Will.

By Caroline Palmer