Seven Months Is A “Long, Long Time”

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When NBC put Conan O’Brien in charge of The Tonight Show, execs talked of giving him time to settle into the role and let a wider audience find him. That lasted all of seven months. But according to yours truly, in television apparently seven months is a “long, long time.” Let me explain.

While yesterday Joe Adalian in The Wrap used an old column I wrote jokingly predicting Conan would be replaced to call me a psychic, apparently he did not see an appearance I did on MSNBC on September 19, 2006.

Speaking to Joe Scarborough about Rosie O’Donnell’s constant controversies on The View back then, I confidently assured Scarborough that Rosie would be on the show for “a long, long time.”

So how long was it from the time I said that on national TV until the time it was announced Rosie was out? About seven months.

See Conan? You have nothing to complain about regarding NBC running you out of The Tonight Show chair you were promised for years. According to TV “geniuses” like me - and apparently those at NBC as well — seven months is “a long, long time.”