Senator Zucker?


NBC Universal CEO Jeff Zucker confirmed on Joe Scarborough’s radio show (note that Joe also hosts the Starbucks-sponsored Morning Joe on NBC-owned MSNBC) that he may be interested in running for public office in New York when and if he’s no longer working for NBC. NBC is in the process of being acquired by Comcast (or Kabletown, depending on your point of view), and that deal is expected to close by the end of this year, so that moment could come relatively soon.

That Zucker is considering a run for public office was reconfirmed by The Washington Post’s man of all media, Howard Kurtz, who writes this morning, “Let the record show I accosted Jeff Zucker in the lobby of The Washington Post.” Kurtz asked Zucker if what he said on Scarborough was true, and Zucker replied: “It’s funny how much attention that’s gotten. It’s no different than what I’ve said all along.” I’m not sure he’s said that all along to reporters, however.

Zucker also joked that he would draw far less scrutiny as a candidate than he does running a major media company. Somehow I doubt that, but Zucker can dream.

Should Zucker make the  ump from the private to the public sector, one thing is for certain: he’ll make a lot less money. Fox Business News’ Charlie Gasparino (formerly of NBC-owned CNBC) reports that Zucker last year earned $6.3 million in salary with an opportunity to bump that up to $20 million in performance bonuses.

Fates has a helpful suggestion for Zucker: perhaps that salary bump could by eased by publishing a tell-all memoir? Inquiring minds want to know why really you told Jay Leno he was going to lose his job five years ahead of time. We’d also like to you dissect the whole Ben Silverman era, and then chronicle the whole late-night debacle in excrutiating detail. Also, did you really think bringing back Knight Rider was a good idea?