On Second Thought...


Having talked with the top creative executive at the ad agency that came up with the PSA's for the new $300 million TV content-control campaign, I am feeling slightly better about their prospects to do the job, which is to get the proper tools into the hands of the people who want to better control their family's TV watching.

The idea, she said, is to avoid making parents feel like there is something wrong with them for watching the adult programming that is getting slammed in Washington, while at the same time pointing out they might want to block those channels when the kids are around and they're not.

That was why the subject matter in the first two PSAs was drugs and whacking with shovels  by mobsters, which seemed to me, eve with their tongues in cheek, to be putting the emphasis in the wrong place. I kind of see the point now. And even a key content-control activist who doesn't think the campaign advances the ball any concedes that the concept of the spot is clever.

Effective? Only time will tell.

That doesn't mean I still don't want to see more positive PSA's, but it does mean I probably missed a point others got, which certainly wouldn't be the first time.