The Second Annual YouTube Awards!


YouTube handed out the second annual YouTube Awards today, with winners in a number of categories, including best music video, best series, best instructional video and most adorable video, among others.

Among the big winners was TayZonday, whose YouTube music video Chocolate Rain led to appearances on VH1 and in a soda commercial.

"It’s definitely exciting to receive a YouTube Video Award," said Zonday. "YouTube’s provided me with a place to experiment, showcase my creativity and share my identity. It’s really an honor to get a YouTube Video Award. I’m looking forward to seeing future winners."

Check out TayZonday’s winning music video below.

Other winners included The Guild for best series:

My Name is Lisa for short film:

And of course, laughing baby, winning the most adorable award:

For the other winners, including best commentary, best eyewitness film and most inspirational, check out the winners page here.