Saturday Night Live Returns Somewhat Apolitically


    The latest return of NBC’s Saturday Night Live, after another mini-break, was its least political show since returning from the writers’ strike. A lengthy sketch featuring Amy Poehler as Hillary Clinton opened the show – but after that, nothing. Not even any political jokes during “Weekend Update.”

    The kickoff skit, though, was lengthy, pointed and strong. Poehler, in a solo spot, was introduced as “the next President of the United States,” and explained her allegedly unavoidable victory as the eventual Democratic candidate as being due to three key reasons, which she enumerated and upon which she elaborated.

    “First, I am a sore loser,” she said, explaining that if Barack Obama won, she would support him only half-heartedly, to set up his loss in 2008 and her opportunity to run again in 2012.

    “Second, my supporters are racist,” she added, explaining that Obama’s supporters ultimately would cave in and vote for her in the general election, but hers would not do likewise.

    And her third reason? “I have no ethical standards,” she explained.

    Guest host Shia LaBeouf was best in the various “MacGruber” skits, playing the hero’s estranged gay son. And the best joke of the night came when “Weekend Update” co-host Poehler announced the impending postal increase for a first-class stamp, rising from 41 to 42 cents.

    Poehler’s punch line: “ ‘Aw, that’s cute,’ said oil.”