Rosie's dance is over


Rosie O’Donnell’s negotiations to become a pundit on MSNBC were over before it really got started. 

Days after O’Donnell, ahem, let it slip that she was talking to the cable news network about hosting an evening talk show, the deal was dead, O’Donnell posted as much in verse on her blog.

The sticking point apparently was that O’Donnell only wanted to commit to a one-year contract and that did MSNBC little good since the bulk of ad inventory for 2008 has already been unloaded so the network would have been unable to monetize what would have certainly been a handsome pay out to O’Donnell when and if ratings started to climb.

O’Donnell’s leaking maneuver (a common tactic employed to juice negotiations, if indeed that was O’Donnell’s intention) was trumped by the economic realities of NBC Universal post-2.0.