Room For Local Growth in Houston


Add a few more entries to the Houston local news scene: Tribune’s CW outlet KIAH is adding separate 5 p and 5:30 p newscasts September 28, reports the Houston Chronicle.

The paper says KIAH will add five staffers for the new programs.

Houston’s got its share of news launches, notes David Barron, such as the 4:30 a.m. coming to KHOU launching Sept. 7.

Three stations in recent weeks have announced expanded morning newscasts, and a fourth, KRIV (Channel 26), is expected to follow suit later this year. Channel 39, however, is the only station this year to expand afternoon news.

“It allows us to take advantage of the (newsroom) shift that we’re already operating,” [VP/GM Roger] Bare said.

Elsewhere in Texas, Tribune’s KDAF is also trying a 5:30 news.