Riding KATV's 'Choose Your News' to Bigger Things


KATV Little Rock is smack in the middle of a “25 Cities in 25 Days” campaign that sees reporter Jessica Dean schlepping around Arkansas in an RV and filing stories on her findings in any number of digital ways, including streaming video and Twittering.

Prior to Dean’s trek, KATV made headlines by training multiple Webcams on Kristin Fisher (they were known as “Kristin-Cams”) as she went about her workday. Viewers communicated with Fisher and had a say in what reports she was following made it to air.

This is not news, but I just found out that Fisher is now at WUSA Washington, which has perhaps been the most vocal station around when it comes to multimedia journalists. Reporters jump for bigger stations in bigger markets every day, but one suspects that the mega-exposure Fisher got via the Kristin-Cams (as well as publicity in the local papers…columnist John Brummett absolutely abhored the Kristin-Cams…and, yes, Broadcasting & Cable), played a part in getting Fisher on the radar.