‘Riches’: She’s Getting Married, Remember?


So with all the excitement over planned murders and a funeral and stolen money and going back to the scene of the crime, something got lost in the shuffle by most of the Riches’ Malloy clan: Di Di’s impending wedding to Ken.

The show itself never loses the thread, as it’s a major plotline in the episode, but the family seems to lose interest about two-thirds of the way through. Where’s her brother? Was Cael carried off by the goons from the trailer, and did they hold him until the very end of the episode? Her mother, Dahlia, is completely oblivious by the end of the episode, off doing what she feels she has to do with nary a mention of the fact that her daughter is, right then, being forced to marry the village idiot.

Her father, Wayne, mentions her plight briefly, but when he gets out of the jam he’s in, which is what’s ostensibly keeping him from saving her, he gets taken up in what his wife has been doing.

Her little brother, meanwhile, is nowhere to be found. The family just reconvenes at the end of the episode, climbs into the trailer, and drives off, once again a cohesive unit.

And that’s that. At no point do we see Di Di ask why her family wasn’t around when she needed them. At no point does she chew them out for not protecting her.

I want fireworks. I hope Di Di gets to yell at them all in the next episode.