Rescanning Not Helping Some DC Viewers


A shift from UHF to VHF last week for WUSA and WJLA has resulted in a substantial number of viewers no longer getting the stations, reports the Washington Post. The paper says the number of affected viewers is in the thousands, and rescanning their converter boxes–the typical fix for most displaced viewers nationwide–doesn’t seem to be working.

Allbritton’s WJLA got 350 calls on the topic since Friday’s switch. The station will hold an online chat to help viewers at noon today.

Reports the Post:

The sudden loss may be due to viewers trying to capture VHF signals with a UHF antenna.

[Silver Spring viewer Steve] LaRochelle said he bought an antenna a couple of years ago after upgrading to a digital TV, but he didn’t realize it was a UHF antenna. “Nor did I realize WJLA and WUSA were going to be switching back to a VHF signal,” he said.